Need K-6 Foreign Language Specialist – Mandarin

Bullis Charter School

K-6 Foreign Language Specialist – Mandarin


Bullis Charter School implemented its Foreign Language Program in fall 2007 when it began teaching K/1 students Mandarin during regular school hours using the FLES model. One grade level has been added every year since the implementation year. One full-time position is available for the school year 2009-2010.

The teacher will be responsible for teaching California World Language Standards and integrating core subject standards when appropriate. The teacher is also responsible for developing the curriculum with partner teacher and using differentiated strategies to meet students’ diverse learning needs. Teachers will be expected to collaborate with colleagues and work well with parents and the community.

It is our hope to hire candidates who are able to begin working/training in spring 2009. This is not required for applicants who are not available at that time.


•Hold a multiple subject teaching credential

•Fluent in Mandarin using Pinyin romanization and literate in simplified Chinese characters

•Know the latest methodology and pedagogy for teaching Chinese

•Able to use technology, including Chinese software

•Can differentiate instruction to meet student needs

We prefer candidates with

•BCLAD or CSET certification in Mandarin

•Previous experience teaching Mandarin or another language

•Experience in teaching at the elementary level in the United States preferred


•Are creative and enjoy teaching children

•Willingness to attend workshops and seminars to enhance teaching skills

•Knowledge of additional language(s) a plus

Please visit the school website at for the application packet. If you have any questions, please contact the superintendent at

***** We are posting this for Bullis Charter School in the Bay Area.  Please forward it to other interested parties.  We desperately need new teachers!


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