Mandarin Teaching Credential Program for Aspiring Teachers

At Better Chinese, several of us received our master's degrees from Stanford University's School of Education (SUSE) and have benefited greatly from our academic experience there. Thus, I was especially delighted when I discovered that Stanford University announced they are offering a Mandarin teaching credential through the Stanford Teaching Education Program (STEP) beginning in June 2010. I'm glad to see the launch of this teaching credential program at Stanford. It shows that the demand for Chinese teachers is needed to keep up with the growing number of classrooms filled with students wishing to learn the language! For readers who are aspiring to become Chinese teachers and obtain a master's degree, your opportunity may have just arrived! You can visit their website to get more information about the program: While I cannot answer questions about the STEP program specifically, if any K12 Mandarin readers have questions about the SUSE academic environment, feel free to leave me a comment! Of course, if anyone knows of other Mandarin teaching credential programs, please share!


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