Lower Elementary, Elementary, & Secondary Chinese Curriculum

Hi Educators, Hope April has found you well.  As we are gearing up for NCLC (National Chinese Langauge Conference) in Chicago, I would like to share with you our progress so far. http://www.betterchinese.com/Better_Chinese_Pedagogy.html (read more) This past year, we have been working very hard to make sure that teachers can have better utilize our materials through better teacher support.  One of the recent reviews we had about Discovering Chinese series (www.betterchinese.com/Discovering-Chinese.html) exclaimed that we have the richest teacher support out there, including very practical and easy-to-use teachers' guides, worksheets, workbooks, and, of course, our website! This year, we will be launching new teachers' guides for My First Chinese Words, My First Chinese Reader, Discovering Chinese, and Magical Tour of China.  They are re-organized to provide even easier ways to plan your classes.  If you would like to review and provide us feedback before we publish the guides, please contact us at (angel dot yeh at betterchinese dot com). We also have been working hard to create more online exercises for all of our series.  If you would like to learn more about our new features.  Please use the following link to sign up (if you're an existing customer). http://www.betterchinese.com/lp/CCSignUpForm.htm?homepage If you're a new customer, please use the following link. http://www.betterchinese.com/lp/SignUpForm.htm?homepage There will be more news coming in the following months.  Stay tuned.  I hope I have a chance to meet you personally at NCLC.  Hope this short message finds you well. -James


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