Learn Chinese in Palo Alto and Get Credit with StarTalk 2011 Summer Program

Dear Educators, I have something really exciting to share with you and your students. All over the country, there will be StarTalk initiatives aim at increasing Chinese language and culture proficiency this summer. Here in Palo Alto, Palo Alto Unified School District and Stanford will be launching a 4 week long program for High School or incoming High School Students who have no prior Chinese learning experience. There are still slots available. Sign up before they are all gone! It's FREE! Straight from the course descriptions. Participating students will: • Develop a high level of readiness to fully engage in their formal study of Chinese language and culture in the fall of 2011 • Become familiar with the phonology, tones, Pinyin alphabet, high frequency Chinese characters (Hanzi), and cultural features of Chinese that will prepare them to perform at a higher level when they formally enroll in a Level I Mandarin course during the fall of 2011 • Maximize their opportunities to succeed in future study of the Mandarin language and culture by having an intensive immersion experience at the onset of their learning process • Earn academic “letter grades” and five elective high school credit units • Benefit from cultural activities and field trip experiences • Learn how to utilize technology to enhance their Mandarin language learning experience For those of you who are not in Palo Alto, I am sure there are local StarTalk programs. Don't forget to google to find out more. Hope this helps! -James


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