Learn about Easter in Chinese! 复活节快乐!

  Learn About Easter in Chinese Easter is a special holiday that is full of happiness. It falls on the first Sunday after the Spring Equinox, when the daytime and nighttime hours are equal in length. It also marks the day in Christian culture when Jesus arose from the dead. Easter in Chinese is translated as "复活节" (fù huó jié) or Resurrection Day. "复" means again, "活" means to live, combined together with "复活" means reborn and portrays the religious side of Easter.   Traditional icons of Easter include 花 (huā, flowers), 蛋 (dàn, eggs), and 兔子 (tù zǐ, rabbits) which all symbols of new life. People do all kinds of festivity to celebrate the arrival of Spring on Easter. Children paint colorful 复活节彩蛋 (fù huó jié cǎi dàn, Easter eggs) and are all excited for the Easter egg hunt. In some places, people celebrate easter by wearing new brightly colored clothes in 复活节游行 (fù huó jié yóu xínɡ, Easter parade). There are a lot of events and activities you can join in the Bay Area. (To learn more about Easter in Chinese and how different cultures celebrate Easter, check out our online story: The Story of Easter. Enter code "BetterEaster" at checkout to get these four Easter stories for only $1.00. Promotion valid now through Monday April 21st 11:59 pm PST). There are a total of four stories in Chinese with English subtitles. Make your own Easter Egg     Today I am going to share with you a fun and easy way to paint your very own Easter Egg with only 4 steps, you will need: - eggs - some pastel nail polish colors - a container of water - pencils or toothpicks - paper towels - cloths that you don't mind getting stained ;)

Step 1: Drop the desired color onto the surface of the water, let it starched out on the water. Repeat as many colors that you want in the design

Drop the nail polish into water

Step 2: Use the pencil/toothpick to draw some lines as you like on the nail polish

Use the stick to adjust

Step 3: Dip your eggs into the water, you might need to do it twice for the nail polish to cover the whole egg depending on the size of your container

Dip your egg into the water

Step 4: Let your eggs dry on the paper towel before putting them in your Easter Basket



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