Launching On-Demand Teacher Training

We are excited to announce the launch of our Professional Development series. We know that today’s K-12 Mandarin educators have a new challenge: to engage a new wave of Chinese language learners with the latest technology and “apps” while ensuring standards such as ACTFL and the Common Core State Standards are met. To address this problem, we are launching the first series of self-paced, asynchronous webinars, with blended learning options, that provide professional development specifically for Chinese teachers at the click of a button. The webinars not only discuss how technology can be leveraged in the classroom, but also utilizes technology to be its unique delivery platform. In addition to our best practices seminars, we hope Mandarin educators around the country can submit their best practices instruction and share them with others. We are starting here with a few posts from San Francisco Unified School District and from Barnard Asian Pacific Language Academy, where they are showcasing what are some fun and engaging instructional activities for their K-3 immersion classrooms. Submit a Best Practices instructional videos and/or blog post to us by June 30 and receive $50 credit to spend on any of our Professional Development products. Send all submissions to profdev (at) betterchinese (dot) com.


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