Idiom of the Month: 早出晚归(Zǎochū wǎn guī)

zaochu wan gui School is in full swing and teachers and students are settling into a new year of learning. We often say that teachers and students who work really hard, 早出晚归 (zǎochū wǎn guī). Literally, this means "goes out early and returns late" which are characteristics of someone who works very hard. We wish you great success in your studies and classes this year as you 早出晚归。 - - - - - - - - - - The 2013 Better Chinese Calendar features all the Chinese and Western holidays rolled into one vividly, illustrated calendar. This year, each month features a Chinese idiom. The calendar contains both Simplified Chinese and English to help the beginner Chinese learner start talking about the days and months of the year.


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