Idiom of the Month: 如鱼得水(rú yú dé shuǐ)

[caption id="attachment_3922" align="aligncenter" width="533"] Chinese idiom ru yu de shui[/caption] How is everyone's summer so far? I hope you are having a relaxing time. 如鱼得水(rú yú dé shuǐ) means "like a fish in water." This idiom is used to describe someone who is very satisfied and in his/her element. The idiom is also used to describe someone who seems to have a natural talent and/or enjoys using that talent doing something. This is how you can use the idiom: 他在大学生活如鱼得水,交到许多新朋友。 He took to university life like a fish in water and quickly made new friends. I hope everyone is speaking Chinese 如鱼得水.


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