Idiom of the Month: 货真价实(huò zhēn jià shí)

How was everyone's Halloween? Still gorging yourself on candy? 货真价实 (huò zhēn jià shí) means "genuine goods at a fair price." It is widely used to refer to anything that is reliable and high quality; in other words, objects and goods that are worth the money. When you visit the flea markets or street markets in China, you will always hear the Chinese peddlers saying their stuff is 货真价实 or you can say Better Chinese's curriculum is 货真价实! - – - – - – - – - - The 2013 Better Chinese Calendar features all the Chinese and Western holidays rolled into one vividly, illustrated calendar. This year, each month features a Chinese idiom. The calendar contains both Simplified Chinese and English to help the beginner Chinese learner start talking about the days and months of the year.


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