Idiom of the Month: 行行出状元 (Háng háng chū zhuàngyuán)

[caption id="attachment_2106" align="aligncenter" width="533"]hang hang chu zhuangyuan 三百六十行,行行出状元[/caption] Asian parents often encourage their children to pursue professions in law, medicine or business because those jobs are prestigious and often bring riches. But, they often forget the Chinese saying, 行行出状元 (háng háng chū zhuàngyuán) which means "no matter which job you do, you can achieve greatness." So, don't put any professions down, because there are individuals who can achieve greatness in all of them. Example: 三百六十行,行行出状元 Sānbǎi liùshí háng, háng háng chū zhuàngyuán In every field, there are individuals who can achieve greatness. - - - - - - - - - - The 2013 Better Chinese Calendar features all the Chinese and Western holidays rolled into one vividly, illustrated calendar. This year, each month features a Chinese idiom. The calendar contains both Simplified Chinese and English to help the beginner Chinese learner start talking about the days and months of the year.


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