Idiom of the Month: 百闻不如一见(Bǎi wén bùrú yī jiàn)

[caption id="attachment_2099" align="aligncenter" width="533"]baiwenburuyijian 亲眼看到白宫发现真是太美了,真是百闻不如一见 (The Forbidden City is truly grand. It really is "better to see it once than hear about it a hundred times.")[/caption] The school year is coming to a rapid close and everyone is starting to plan their summer vacations. One of my favorite Chinese idioms is 百闻不如一见(Bǎi wén bùrú yī jiàn)which means "Hearing something a hundred times is not as good as seeing it once." This idiom is similar to the English saying "Seeing is Believing." I remember the first time I saw the Great Wall in China. 亲眼看到长城发现真是太美了,真是百闻不如一见 Qīnyǎn kàn dào chángchéng fāxiàn zhēnshi tàiměile, zhēnshi bǎi wén bùrú yī jiàn。 The Great Wall is truly beautiful and grand. it really is "better to see it once than hear about it a hundred times." How did you use this idiom today? - - - - - - - - - - The 2013 Better Chinese Calendar features all the Chinese and Western holidays rolled into one vividly, illustrated calendar. This year, each month features a Chinese idiom. The calendar contains both Simplified Chinese and English to help the beginner Chinese learner start talking about the days and months of the year.


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