Homeschool Chinese: What is He Wearing?

My First Chinese Reader Lesson 13: Colors 颜色

Jiejie has begun working with My First Chinese Reader, Volume 2.  Lesson 13, 他喜欢红色 (He Likes the Color Red / Tā xǐhuan hóngsè) covers all the colors and Lesson 14, 他今天穿什么? (What is he wearing today? / Tā jīntiān chuān shénme), focuses on the vocabulary for clothing.   After completing the workbook exercises and challenges in the textbook, Laoshi Shawn will frequently create additional activities to ensure that the material is understood. For this lesson, he quickly drew three people as shown below.  He then described what each person was wearing and asked that Jiejie color the clothing accordingly. Jiejie loves to reverse roles so he, too, quickly drew a person.  Shawn then listened to Jiejie orally describe what the person was wearing and selected the appropriate colors.

For homework, Shawn created a similar worksheet that he uploaded to Edmodo.  Jiejie logged in, printed the pages, and completed them on his own (excerpts are shown below).  To review the vocabulary orally, I asked him to describe what I was wearing each day.   你今天穿什么? (Nǐ jīntiān chuān shénme?) What are you wearing today?


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