Homeschool Chinese: What Are You Wearing?

My kiddos are now using Discovering Chinese Pro predominately and we are loving the new format. It is very well suited for online / distance learning. These past couple of weeks they have both been working through Lesson 14 - Clothing (穿什么衣服?)and have had a great time interacting with one another. They love the projects that are incorporated throughout the lesson and have quickly adapted to the new distance learning approach. My daughter has a greater grasp of vocabulary and sentence structure and thereby focuses on production and fluency. My son, on the other hand, spends more time on drills. They are also encouraged to review vocabulary with one another.

What Are You Wearing?

One of the projects they created recently was a a dialogue project whereby they shared what they were wearing. They were first asked to write out a dialogue. Their teacher then reviewed their submission with them and upon making a minor grammatically change (they used the wrong measure word), they were given the approval to record a video.

Video Transcript

A:你好!你好吗? B:你好!我很好。你呢? A:我马马虎虎。你今天穿什么衣服? B:我今天穿牛仔裤,灰色的衬衫,咖啡色的夹克,和一双黑色鞋子。你呢? A:我今天穿黑色的裤子,蓝色和黑色的上衣,和一双白色的鞋子。我昨天穿衣服很美丽。我昨天穿很多颜色的套装和一双白色的鞋子。我昨天也戴白色的围巾。你喜欢吃西瓜? B:我爱吃西瓜。再见! A:再见! They are both making remarkable strides. We are looking forward to the activities and projects they will produce in the coming year. Stay tuned!


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