Homeschool Chinese: My Day

Meili loves projects.  For homework to compliment lesson 27 (My Day | 我的一天  from My First Chinese Reader Volume 3), Shawn Laoshi asked her to write a script for a fictional student, 小白 (Xiaobai). She was first asked to write out Xiaobai's bad habits and the following day, she was asked to write out Xiaobai's improved habits.  Each day she was expected to take a photo of her script and email it for corrections.  In class, they worked together on pronunciation and then recorded her reading the final script. Listen to her read Xiaobai_Habits. The following week, she was asked to write down what time she typically wakes up, what time she begins classes, what time she eats lunch, what time she goes to bed, etc.  Laoshi created a similar list for himself.  He also wrote down the characters for each activity on a small card.  They then took turns drawing out a card and asking the other person questions, for example, "What time do you eat breakfast?" / 你每天几点早饭 ?  They then recorded one another's responses on a chart.  With the information in the chart, she then wrote out a paragraph to describe Laoshi's day while he wrote a paragraph to describe hers. For homework, he asked her to read 读一读 from page 27 and to answer the comprehension questions he posted on Edmodo.  He purposely devised questions that used characters she was NOT familiar with as the goal was to get her to use context clues to figure out what was asked.
1. 海报上的人是谁? 2. 姚明是足球运动员吗? 3. 姚明是哪里人? 4. 姚明今年几岁? 5. 姚明属什么? 6. 姚明喜欢什么颜色? 7. 姚明喜欢干什么?
Jiejie did a similar activity that incorporated drawing characters out of a box.  The kids enjoyed it so much they created their own version at home to make their daily review lessons more lively.  Worksbook A in the My First Chinese Reader includes flashcards for the characters introduces in that volume.  You can also download free flashcards on a few selected topics from Semanda. You can also create a schedule using one of the My First Chinese Reader activity templates for Lesson 27.


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