Homeschool Chinese: I Like Fruits

Pear and Mango The activities my daughter does with each lesson vary to some extent depending upon the content of the lesson. Generally, she always makes flashcards, reads through the challenge, and practices the characters.  Recently, her review focused on My First Chinese Reader, Volume 1, Lesson 11 ~ I Like Fruits. Here are a couple of the activities she did when learning about Fruits:
  • Favorite Foods: In class, they read through the conversation and role-played asking one another questions like "Do you like ____ (name of food)?" and responding with "I like _____".  This activity helped hone her speaking and listening skills.

  • Favorite Foods Part 2: She then wrote the following script (entirely in Chinese characters) for a video they recorded together in class (shown below).  For homework, he asked her to continue reading through the challenge sections in the textbook orally and to write the Chinese characters 10x each. This helped to build her reading, writing and speaking skills further.
  • 桌子上有很多水果,有苹果,香蕉,芒果,梨,草莓,桔子,葡萄和西瓜。妈妈喜欢吃芒果和梨。爸爸喜欢吃苹果。我喜欢吃桔子,芒果和梨。弟弟喜欢吃草莓和西瓜。你喜欢吃什么水果?
    On the table, there are many fruits; apples, bananas, mangoes, pears, also strawberries, tangerines, grapes, and watermelon.   Mom likes to eat mangos and pears.  Dad likes to eat apples.  I like to eat tangerines, mangoes, and pears.  Little brother likes to eat strawberries and watermelon.  What kind of fruit do you like to eat?
  • Shopping for Teacher: For this activity, the teacher placed all the fruits from the lesson on a table and tested listening comprehension by asking her to "buy" certain fruits from the "store." If your child likes to race, you can make this more fun by timing her and seeing how fast she can "buy" all the fruits correctly that are called out in Chinese.

  • A Trip to the Grocery Store: Of course, you can then practice your newly learned fruits whenever you head to the grocery store. Write a list of what fruits you want to buy at the store and then find them at the store. If you have a Chinese grocery store, go there and practice the words that you already now.

  • MeiLi enjoys creative projects that allow her to showcase her skills in reading and writing.  She and her teacher also share a love of technology and they thereby use a variety of apps and features on the iPad/iTouch that support her language lessons - I'll write a post soon describing our favorites.


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