Homeschool Chinese: China Unit Study

As we are nearing our departure date for China, I thought it would be fun to revisit an old post from 2008 I originally published on my homeschool blog.  MeiLi who was six at the time, originally narrated the following to me and I helped to elicit more detail by asking questions.  We had just completed a unit study on China and I had her share which activities she enjoyed the most.  Her narration served as an assessment tool whereby I was able to see what she understood and could recall about China.
I have been learning about China. These are some of the things I have made. The first one is a panda.  It is made of Model Magic. Pandas live in bamboo forests and like to eat bamboo and honey. When baby pandas are born, they are orange and very little. The mom is very protective. Pandas are endangered. Some people try to kill them for their fur. Also, their forests are sometimes cut down for building new places for people. Pandas then have less space to live.
This is a map that I made. The map shows the Himalayan Mountains, the Gobi Desert, and the Yellow and the Ygantze Rivers. China is west of the Pacific Ocean. The yellow section shows where they grow rice. The green is where wheat is grown. Rice is white and is a very important food in Asia. The capital of China is Beijing.
The Great Wall is in the northern part of the country. The first emperor of all China, Qin, built the Great Wall to keep other armies away and keep China safe. He had his people build the soldiers to keep him safe when he died. The soldiers were found by farmers digging a well. I made a model of the terracotta soldiers with Model Magic.
I also made a lapbook about China. It has lots of mini-books and pictures. I made a mini-book of animals in China and a book of numbers in Chinese characters. My favorite mini-book is of words about China. I love learning about China. I hope to visit China when I am older.

And now we're heading off to China to finally realize all of our dreams. More travel news to come...


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