Happy Thanksgiving 2010 - Black Friday Thanks

Dear Friends,

I wish you a very happy Thanksgiving. It’s amazing that 2010 went by so fast! We just had another wonderful exhibition at ACTFL in Boston this year. What a fantastic chance to reconnect with all the teachers. We had three workshops to show educators our new level reader products, new Online Learning System features, and soon to be released iPhone App.

2010 was an especially important year for Better Chinese. We have been reviewed and adopted by two additional states – Texas and Oregon! We now are adopted by 9 states: North Carolina, Tennessee, Idaho, Oklahoma, Georgia, Utah, West Virginia, Oregon, and Texas.

We attended over 15 conferences around the US in 2010. We also made our first trip to the UK earlier this year. Chinese education is a real phenomenon. With more people invested in learning the Chinese language and culture, we want to make the process easy for teachers to facilitate, easy for students to learn, and easy for everyone to appreciate.

Academically, we have well over 800 private and public schools around the world using our curriculum to teach their students Chinese language arts. We are also helping a number of homeschoolers with their needs. We will continue to revamp, innovate, and create products that will address the learning and teaching needs.

We want to sincerely thank you for your support and invaluable feedback. Your purchases with Better Chinese will continuously fund our product development as well as other socially responsible endeavors, from supporting local committees to contributing to disaster reliefs in Asia. Thank you again.

Please stay tuned for 2011. We have some amazing new things in our pipeline. Some, we hope, will revolutionize Chinese learning. We look forward to surprise you.

Finally, we hope you can celebrate a great holiday season with our 2010 Black Friday Sale. For 2 days, we offer deep discounts for our supplementary products – including all story books, CD-Roms, and Online Subscription. Don’t miss this once a year opportunity. Check our promotion page for details (www.betterchinese.com/promotions/holiday-special.htm)

Best wishes,



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