Engaging Students in Fun Chinese Language-Learning

I was forwarded an interesting article about the changing approach to teaching Chinese in Singapore: http://news.asiaone.com/News/Education/Story/A1Story20091123-181674.html. The Singapore Ministry of Education is trying to push for more creative and tech-savvy approaches to teaching Chinese to make the language more interesting and appealing to students. Use of blogs, pop music, and interactive websites to learn Chinese aim to replace the practices of rote-memorization and daily listening quizzes in the classroom, which dilute student interest in the subject. The ministry states that this new language-learning method has been quite positive among Singapore's students. Here at Better Chinese, making Chinese learning fun and engaging is at the very center of our pedagogy. For years, our materials focus on the students and their needs to learn Chinese through interactive games, songs, arts and crafts, and even animated online stories. We understand that learning Chinese or teaching Chinese is not a one-size-fits-all deal. In offering a multitude of ways for teachers to help students learn the language, we have provided a creative and comfortable learning environment for students. We also give Better Chinese teachers lots of support to guide them in creating effective, student-centered lessons that utilize both creativity and technology. The demographics of students learning Chinese is always changing, and the need for teaching approaches and tools that mirror society's developments and the range of student interests are a must. At Better Chinese, we are constantly heeding these social and cultural trends in order to engage and guide students and teachers on a happy Chinese language-learning journey!


Want your child to speak and use Chinese based on state-adopted curriculum? Better Chinese Plus is the home version of our state-adopted program with video and personalized instructions. The learning pathway provides a clear alignment with the ACTFL proficiency standards. Each lesson is powered by patented technologies to help your child more effectively learn characters, vocabulary, and expressions. Each video lesson is moderated by at least 2 teachers with different styles. Each lesson practice is individualized by AI to ensure acquisition of language skills. Our program leverages technologies to provide the most effective hybrid solutions for your child. You can add physical books to remind them what they are learning as well as empowering them with what they know. Connect with a BC+ Sherpa to further help your child through structured guidance. Sign-up for 14 days for free. Learn, retain, and enjoy learning Chinese anytime!


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