Chinese New Year Story Time in Bay Area (Menlo Park, CA)

Chinese New Year is fast approaching! What kinds of activities are you having in your local community? Perhaps the schools are having Spring Festival celebratory events or local Chinatowns will be hosting New Year parades. I was at my local library the other day (Menlo Park Public Library), and saw that they are hosting a special Family Story Time to celebrate the "Xing Nian." Link to this event here:  It looks like the storyteller will be telling Chinese legends behind the Spring Festival and the Kitchen God in English, and share with the audience the importance of family in Chinese culture. Everyone is welcome! This is a fun opportunity for children and parents without a Chinese language background to learn about the Chinese culture. I've been to the library's family story times before with my little niece, and the storyteller is wonderful. She sings songs, uses puppets, and knows all the children by name. It was a lot of fun, and all the children really enjoy her presence. From the library's website, it looks like the author/translator will be at the event as well. Isn't Chinese New Year all about spending time with family and celebrating the traditions and customs of the culture? I think it's great that the community is working to bring people together to share stories. Here's a link to the library's flyer: What is happening in your community for Chinese New Year?


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