Chinese Dubbed Movies - A Great Tool for Learning Chinese

There are many great learning tools Chinese learning students of different age groups can use when learning Chinese. Early age reading books, DVDs, now the Internet provides great resources.  One great resource people are not aware of are the Western movies dubbed into Chinese. China has a long history and has been importing foreign movies and dubbing them into Chinese since as early as 1930s, classic movies such as Gone With The Wind, Casablanca, Waterloo Bridge, etc. Beginning in the late 1970s when China reopened to the Western world, not only films such as The Sound of Music, but also popular TV series such as Man From Atlantis were also dubbed. Popular movies include Peter Pan, The Little Mermaid, and more recently Avatar, Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter series, and The Lord of the Rings, etc. They are suitable for different age groups. Chinese dubbed movies are becoming a great resource for people who study the Chinese language. Chinese learning audience can watch the Chinese dubbed movies that they are already familiar with. They can listen to the Chinese conversations while reading the English subtitles on the screen. That way, audience won't get lost in translations. If you are surfing on the Internet, search the keywords in Google like "Chinese Dubbed " + the name of the movie, e.g., "Chinese dubbed Beauty and the Beast", and you should be able to find them.


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