Chinese Curriculum Materials and Resources for Back to School

Hard to believe it's September again! At Better Chinese, we hope everyone had an enjoyable summer and are excited to go back to school. As we gear up for another fun year of Chinese learning, I want to let you know about some terrific new products we have for teachers this year. To supplement and enhance your teaching, we have NEW Teacher's Guides, worksheets (activity sheets for younger learners), and assessments for each one of our programs: The new teacher guides (in English) are packed with activities and cultural points as well as teaching tips and learning objectives to help you plan out your classroom goals. Worksheets and activity sheets offer an assortment of interesting exercises to help your students practice and solidify their Chinese learning. Many teachers have long interested in having assessments and they have been developed! Varied test questions assess your students' grasp of the material in many ways. For more details about our new products, check them out under "Products listing and prices" on the introduction page for each series. We would also be happy to answer any questions you may have on how to supplement your Chinese curriculum with these new products. And as always, we welcome any questions you have on our programs! Happy Back to School with Better Chinese!


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