Announcing Teacher Training Programs

你好 (Nǐ hǎo), teachers and administrators! I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you. I am Helen Yung, the VP of Academics at Better Chinese and I am in charge of teacher training. In my role, I have had the opportunity to provide teacher training programs to various school districts around the country and am excited to announce the launch of our Teacher Training Program. Our training program focuses on three main areas of instructional training:


The Best Practices Teacher Training equips Mandarin educators with a toolkit of instructional strategies based on inquiry-based teaching and learning. The trainings are interactive and allow teachers to learn both the practical side of lesson planning and standards alignment. Our instructors rely on the principles of Backward Design as they teach Mandarin language instructors on the importance of backward mapping, goal setting and organization of curricula, assessment design, and instructional planning and lesson design. We then wrap that with the Better Chinese approach to language learning;
a balanced approach that helps students ask the essential questions that are critical to self discovery and developing a love for learning the language.

LEVERAGING TECHNOLOGY FOR CHINESE Leveraging Technology for Chinese is a hands-on workshop that demonstrates how teachers and administrators can create an interactive language learning classroom through the use of various digital devices and applications. Our teacher trainers are tech-savvy professors, teachers, and language experts who educate instructors on the use of the Discovering Chinese Pro iPad app or to use the company’s integrated online learning system for progress reporting and/or assign lessons and homework to students virtually. We have provided the “Creating an iPad Classroom” training to instructors as far away as Hawaii and as close as through the StarTalk program in Palo Alto, California.


Immersion Learning is a training that provides teachers and administrators around the country with strategies that immersion teachers need to multi-task, create, and innovate, while delivering content instruction in multiple languages. Teachers taking this training will learn to develop language centers, manage content instruction based on specific language models, and/or develop age and grade appropriate activities that are both interactive and integrated with Common Core State Standards and aligns with ACTFL performance-based tasks. Around the country, I am privileged to learn from teachers and language coordinators and directors about the exciting movement of Mandarin education. I applaud Mandarin educators everywhere who tire ceaselessly to introduce a world language and/or make it their mission to make the Mandarin language relevant both culturally and applicable to their student groups every day. We at Better Chinese thank you for your support and wish to do everything we can to support you in your endeavors. I am putting together an academic taskforce made of administrators, teachers, and professors. If you are interested in helping us with this very important effort in creating a bilingual and multilingual world, please contact me at profdev (at) betterchinese (dot) com. Please download our Teacher Training Workshop brochure for more detailed information. Book a training for your district and/or school by January 2014 and receive 10% off any of the three teacher trainings.


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