Announcing Our New Discovering Chinese Pro V1.0.8

Dear all,

We are pleased to announce the release of Discovering Chinese Pro V1.0.8! Please join us to experience learning Chinese with iPad on our new Discovering Chinese Pro!

New Features Include:

  • Print and PDF function: now you can PDF any of the information in the Lesson Goals, Language Notes, and Culture Points sections. Teachers need to download an iBooks or Adobe Reader onto the iPads to be able to view, email, or print the PDF files. The button locates in the right corner of the toolbar.
  • Video Feedback: teachers now can give video comments on students' speaking/writing assignments. Let students visually see and hear how to properly enunciate words.
  • Increased Recording Functionality: the recording time for Practice and Homework sections has been increased to 5 minutes. 
  • Improved Downloading Process: The downloading process will no longer be interrupted when the iPad screen turns to "power saving" mode.

Explore More on Better Chinese Website:

We've created a brand new iPad support page on our website, located under Help > iPad.

You can find assistance to following operations:

  • How to use your Discovering Chinese Pro administrative account? With our new Discovering Chinese Pro user guide for Administrators.
  • Ways to fix blank pages in Discovering Chinese Pro
  • Accessing Discovering Chinese Pro iPad app
  • What are Discovering Chinese Pro's memory requirements?
  • Accessing updated content and features
Update and enjoy learning Chinese with our new Discovering Chinese Pro!


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