2010 SSAT Chinese Conference in the UK

Happy Fourth of July! Hope everyone had a good holiday weekend in the US. Lots of BBQ and gathering of friends over the summer. Of course, it's also time for educators to invigorate their passions and for students to focus their studies. Many StarTalk programs over the summer aimed at just that. I look forward to visiting many StarTalk initiatives this summer for any feedback educators may have for our curricular materials. This past weekend, in the UK, was the SSAT conference held at the British Museum. For the Chinese teachers who attended the conference (or missed the opportunity), make sure you get in touch with our UK partner Xihaha (http://www.xihaha.co.uk/teaching-materials/betterchinese.html). In you're in the UK, you can also sample our products on our website (www.BetterChinese.com) and contact Xihaha for fulfillment. For teachers in the UK, our distributing partner will arrange sampling opportunities with schools that are interested. We have 4 series of curricular materials, from Preschool to Secondary level, that you can choose from. Preschool - Lower Elementary: My First Chinese Words series Elementary: My First Chinese Reader Secondary Beginner: Discovering Chinese Secondary Intermediate: Magical Tour of China We have done a correlation with GCSE. Discovering Chinese (4 volumes) and Magical Tour of China (4 volumes) can be used for GCSE preparation. We look forward to working with you over the summer and hope you enjoy some time off. Best, -James


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