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How long does it take to complete a certain series?

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Better Immersion FAQs

How is Better Immersion beneficial to students?《中文游》是如何有效帮助学生学习中文的?

Is Better Immersion challenging enough for native speakers?《中文游》对母语为中文的学生来说,是不是足够有挑战性?

How is Better Immersion meeting the CCSS and content standards requirements?《中文游》的设计是如何达到共同核心课程标准和内容标准的?

Is the subject content too challenging? 《中文游》的内容是不是很具有挑战性?

How to implement a curriculum with rigorous language foundation?如何实施这个语言基础十分精密严谨的课程?

Any suggestions on how to operate self-directed small group activities?对于自主小组活动的进行,你们有没有什么建议?

How should teachers use workbooks?老师们应该如何使用练习册?

How do trimester summative assessments reflect students’ performance? 一学期的总结性评估是如何来反映学生表现的?

How do formative assessment tools facilitate teachers’ grading?形成性评估是如何帮助老师对学生进行打分的?

How does BI balance instructional focus between social and academic language?《中文游》是如何平衡对社会语言和学术语言的教学的?

Why is vocabulary text (生字文) not provided with more images?为什么生字文不多配点图片呢?

Why are there only 6 sets of K readers per class?为什么幼儿园每个班级只有六套小读本?

For G1 and G2, what are the reading strategies for Better Immersion?对一年级和二年级来说,《中文游》的阅读技巧是什么?

Can I teach at a slower pace?我能教得慢一些吗?

How do I use the song posters?我该如何使用歌谣海报?

How do I leverage the teaching resources if instructional time is <90 mins?如果我的中文教学时间少于90分钟,我该怎么平衡使用这些教学资源?

How do parents and I log in to Better Immersion App?作为老师和家长如何登陆《中文游》APP?

The audio speed is too fast. Is it adjustable?音频速度太快了。可以调整吗?

What are some additional exercises for Better Immersion App?《中文游》APP上有额外的练习资料吗?