Villanova University Chinese Basic I: Modern Chinese Online Workbook 1A

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Modern Chinese Online Workbook 1A for Basic Chinese I

Each account contains one year subscription to Modern Chinese Online Workbook 1A

Same structured practices and exercises featured in Modern Chinese Workbooks, now with interactive feedback and auto-grading function.

Key features
- Provides maximum flexibility for users, it works on all web-based platforms.

- Enables teachers to easily assign, collect and grade studentsäó» homework from a single platform.

- Offers a variety of ΐ叿Ǐ¿éÎ? practices all integrated seamlessly onto one single platform.

- Uses authentic materials and voices in the majority of passages and narratives.

- Saves teachers time with auto graded multiple choice questions related to listening and reading comprehension.

Modern Chinese, Volume 1A:
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