Online Stories: Pipo and Cher

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Pipo and Cher are two cute elephants that live and play together. This series follows their adventures and is divided into eight animated vignettes. Pipo and Cher will enliven the hearts of beginner-level students who will grow to love the characters as well as the Chinese language.

Here's an example of the first animated story in the Pipo and Cher series. Each story is subtitled in Simplified Chinese and English.

Tracks Information:
1. Pipo and Cher _»¬_»¬_Ÿ_Î_ì?Ë / _»¬_»¬?šˆÎ_ì?Í
2. Fried Rice ?_†?‰Í_«_ / ?_†?‰Í_£¿
3. Friends Ϋ__ì†Ώ† / Ϋ__ì†Ώ†
4. Slippers _†___† / _†___†
5. The Washing Machine _DŽ?ç£_ì_ / _DŽ?ç£_©ô
6. Writing Stories Î?_´ƒ__† / ο‚_´ƒ__†
7. Making Wishes ?¬Ÿ_‹Ë / ?±_çÖ
8. Yoga ?ïì___ / ?ïì___ Total Stories: 9 English: Yes Level of Chinese: Beginner Duration: 1 year