ONLINE: My First Chinese Reader, per 6 months

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The online series includes: Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3 and Volume 4.

My First Chinese Reader online curriculum features progressive Chinese lessons specifically designed for Elementary School students living in non-Chinese language environments. Our lessons are research-based and classroom-tested to ensure that we meet a child's language skill and learning needs. Kids move through each level with daily lessons that establish the essential vocabulary and sentence structures needed to speak Chinese. Vivid Mandarin Chinese recordings with songs, rhymes and cultural content add variety and fun to the curriculum. 


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Item Code: WB000083
IBSN Code: 978-1-60603-419-4
Publisher: Better Chinese
School Grade: Elementary
Level: Beginner
Number of Volume: 1 of 4
Lesson/Volume: 12
Volume 1 Chapters:


1. Hello!  你好!
2. What Is Your Name?  你叫什么名字?
3. How Old Are You?  你几岁?
4. What Is Your Nationality?  你是哪国人?
5. I Go To Dahua Elementary School  我上大华小学
6. I Love My Family  我爱我的家
7. Where Do You Live?  你住在哪里?
8. What Date Is Today?  今天是几月几日?
9. What Day Is It Today?  今天是星期几?
10. What Is in The Backpack?  书包里有什么?
11. I Like Fruits?  我喜欢吃水果
12. What Do You Want To Eat?  你想吃什么?


Item Code: WB000084 
ISBN Code: 978-1-60603-420-0 
Publisher: Better Chinese 
School Grade: Elementary 
Level: Beginner 
Number of Volume: 2 of 4 
Lesson/Volume: 12


13. She Likes The Color Red  她喜欢红色
14. What is He Wearing Today?  他今天穿什么
15. Her Eyes Are Very Big  她的眼睛很大
16. I Like Sports  我喜欢运动
17. Lovely Pets  可爱的小动物
18. We Go To School By School Bus  我们坐校车去上学
19. How Can I Get There?  怎么走
20. How Much?  多少线
21. I Can Speak Chinese  我会说花语
22. Today Is A Nice Day  今天天气很好
23. Which Animal Has A Long Nose?  什么动物鼻子长
24. Comparisons  比一比


Item Code: WB000085 
ISBN Code: 978-1-60603-421-7 
Publisher: Better Chinese 
School Grade: Elementary 
Level: Intermediate 
Number of Volume: 3 of 4 
Lesson/Volume: 12


25. Where Are They?  它们在哪里?
26. What Does Her Father Do?  她的爸爸做什工作?
27. My Day  我的一天
28. Whose Room Is It?  这是谁的房间?
29. What Are They Doing?  他们在做什么?
30. Making A Phone Call  打电话
31. What Classes Did You Have Today?  你今天上了什么课?
32. I See With My Eyes  我用眼睛看一看
33. Teacher Li's House  这是李老师的家
34. The Zoo  动物园
35. Please Come To Play At My Home  请你来我家玩
36. Going To A Chinese Restaurant  到中国饭馆吃饭


Item Code: WB000086
ISBN Code: 978-1-60603-422-4
Publisher: Better Chinese
School Grade: Elementary
Level: Intermediate
Number of Volume: 4 of 4
Lesson/Volume: 12


37. Chinese Festivals  中国的节日
38. Shopping In The Store  去商店脉动系
39. Grandpa's Birthday Party  爷爷的生日会
40. Four Seasons  一年有四季
41. I Am Sick  我病了
42. I Like My School  我喜欢我的学校
43. Sports Meet  运动会
44. My Community  我的社区
45. What Are Your Hobbies  你有什么爱好?
46. The Chinese Zodiac  十二生肖
47. My Vacation  我的假期
48. Getting To Know China  认识中国