My First Chinese Words and Sing with Better Chinese - Traditional

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The package contains the 36-book set of My First Chinese Words in traditional Chinese and a Sing with Better Chinese audio CD set. Perfect for teaching the foundation of the Chinese language.

My First Chinese Words is the best place to start teaching your child Chinese. 36 books with easy-to-read scripts and vivid illustrations that make learning Chinese fun and natural. My First Chinese Words teaches over 150 words covering 22 topics from a child's world, like family, friends, food, animals, home, school and more. The accompanying Audio CD allows children to hear the correct pronunciation of words and learn as naturally as they would in a native speaking environment.

My First Chinese Words is the only complete curriculum designed to help children learn Chinese as a foreign or second language. Upon completion, students will recognize basic Chinese characters and sentence patterns. Compiled by education experts and experiences teacher, My First Chinese Words guides young learners through situation themes, accompanied by colorful and stimulating illustrations that they can easily relate to for high impact learning. Not only will students learn effectively, they will have fun learning--the most powerful motivation of all! For detailed chapter information, please click here.

Sing with Better Chinese Audio CD features 36 catchy and memorable songs which is a wonderful way to learn Chinese! Complimenting the My First Chinese Words series, this set of 4 CDs will have children singing along to favorite and familiar tunes and learning Chinese effortlessly. Parents will enjoy it too! For detailed chapter information, please click here.