Classic Children's Tale Series: The Little Horse and The River

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The little horse was asked to mill flour by his mother, the mill was on the other side of the river and there was no bridges over the water.
Then he saw an old cow eating grass on the bank, he asked "Uncle Cow, is the water deep?"
"Not at all the cow said, it‘s just as high as my lower legs. You can go across it. It’s safe.
Just then, a squirrel in the tree shouted to him, "Little horse, Little horse, Don't go in the water ! It's too deep. You'll get drowned. And one of my friends got drowned in it a few days ago."
So the little horse drew back his legs quickly and he got confused if the water is deep or shallow. What should the little horse do?

The story is teaching children to try everything by themselves, then they will find the truth.