Curious George Series - Chinese Edition

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  • Curious George Series - Chinese Edition

Curious George Series - Chinese Edition

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Enjoy this popular Curious George series (好奇的乔治系列) in simplified Chinese characters. The books feature a curious monkey named George, who is brought from his home in Africa by "The Man with The Yellow Hat" to live with him in a big city. This collection of eight books featuring Curious George and the dump truck, goes camping, goes to the beach and at the parade. Brightly colored and suitably scaled for the youngest readers, the books feature art from the original storybooks.


Do you love the story? Visit our blog where you can find the read-along video and downloadable story text with pinyin for "Curious George-Goes to the Beach"


Product Detail 

Item Code: BK100216
Paperback: 8 Books: 28 Pages/Book
Langauge: Simplified Chinese
Level: Intermediate

This series of 8 books include:

Curious George's Dream
Curious George and the Puppies
Visit a Toy Store
Goes to a Chocolate Factory
Goes Camping
Goes to the Beach
At the Parade
Curious George & The Dump Truck

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