The Crocodile & the Dentist - Simplified/English

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A story with a dual point of view. An apprehensive crocodile must visit an equally fearful dentist. "I must be brave...I'm so scared" declares the croc. This sentiment is repeated by the dentist. "Ouch!" exclaims the croc as the dentist fills his tooth. "Ouch!" returns the dentist as the croc's flailing arm collides with his. The ordeal ends, and each says, "Thank you so much. See you again next year." And then each thinks, "I really don't want to see him again next year." The croc concludes, "So I must never forget to brush my teeth." Gomi's brightly colored art on white background features appealing cartoon characters on each page. However, the inference that continued brushing will eliminate future dental visits is misleading and does young readers a great disservice.


Item Code: BK100152
Hardcover: 31 pages
Publisher: Tomorrow Publishing House
Language: Simplified Chinese and English
Level: Beginner
Published Date: 10/1/2008
ISBN: 9787533257750