Nulli & Priesemut (20 Books) - Simplified Chinese

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The rabbit Nulli and the frog Priesemut are the protagonists of the same picture book series. "Is there really a fly that tastes like carrots?" The first volume (Lappan, 1994) shows how the two friends try the favorite food of each other which doesn't work out. Thus, as in all of the following books, the two question whether they are really true friends. In the latest book, "what a laugh!" (2006), the Pig Schorschi joins Nulli and Priesemut, who is impolite and makes fun of Priesemut. Although rabbit Nulli laughs with the Pig at first, he defends his best friend Priesemut when he feels it is becoming too much. Thus emphasized the theme of the book: true friendship.

Item Code: BK100146
Paperback: 20 Books
Publisher: Guizhou People's publishing house
Langauge: Simplified Chinese
Level: Advanced
Published Date: 5/1/2008
ISBN: 978-722-109-593-0