My Mum - Simplified Chinese

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Following up on his bestseller My Dad, the inimitable Anthony Browne returns to celebrate the every-mom with 我妈妈. In this paean to motherhood, we first meet Mom over a cup of coffee, clad in a floral robe. The robe is ever present as her child describes her wondrous abilities and traits: from fantastic cook to brilliant juggler to great painter and from being as beautiful as a butterfly to being as comfy as an armchair - this mother will be recognizable to one and all. Through all the charming characteristics detailed, Browne brilliantly paints his heroine with humor and affection. The ultimate message that shines forth is: "I love my mom. And you know what? SHE LOVES ME! (And she always will.)"

Item Code: BK100139
Hardcover: 25 pages
Publisher: Hebei Education Press
Langauge: Simplified Chinese
Level: Beginner
Product Dimension: 27 x 22.4 x 1 cm
Published Date: 4/1/2007
ISBN: 9787543464575