Discovering Chinese Pro App Companion Text Vol.1 - Traditional

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Please Note: This book does not come with free online resources (lesson audios etc).

Discovering Chinese Pro is a technology based curriculum that is accessible on any computer or tablet. 

These companion textbooks provide teachers with the maximum flexibility for their learning environment. The textbook can be used as a reference guide during the practice exercises to avoid having to flip between various screens. If students show-up to class with uncharged devices, these textbooks can act as a substitute.

The Discovering Chinese Pro companion textbook contains the lesson illustrations, text, and vocabulary from Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3 and Volume 4.

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Item Code: BK001034
ISBN Code: 978-1-60603-641-9
Publisher: Better Chinese
School Grade: Middle/High
Level: Beginner
Number of Volume: 1 of 4
Lesson/Volume: 12

Volume One
1. Hello! 你好!
2. What is Your Name? 你叫什么名字?
3. How Old are You? 你多大?
4. What is Your Nationality? 你是哪國人?
5. I Go To Dahua High School 我去大華高中
6. How Many People Are There in Your Family? 你家有幾個人?
7. Where Do You Live? 你住在哪兒?
8. What Day of the Week is Today? 今天是星期幾?
9. What is inside the Classroom? 教室裡有什麼?
10. What Do You Like To Eat? 你喜歡吃什麼
11. I am Hungry! 我餓了!
12. Eating Chinese Food 吃中餐