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Discovering Chinese Pro is a technology-based curriculum that is accessible on any computer or tablet. Beside the embedded formative practices in the application, summative assessments are now available for teachers to track and evaluate studentsäó» learning progress.

Key features:
- Prepare students for SAT/AP tests: Over 90% of DCPäó»s exercises are written as an AP and SAT-style question. As a result, students are already trained to decode these types of questions.

- Keep track of Students Learning Progress: Unit tests and end-of-semester assessments are provided to access and record studentsäó» learning. The unit test checks their ΐ叿Ǐ¿éÎ? proficiency level after every 3 lessons (3 lessons/unit), the cumulative assessment helps record their learning progress after six lessons and then again after all 12 lessons.

- Track Progress through Reporting Module: The auto-grading function saves teacheräó»s time on multiple choice type questions. Teachers can easily assess and monitor their studentsäó» language proficiency with ease.

Use this assessment before teach for understanding studentsäó» language level in order to create the äóìi+1äó? learning experience. It also could be served as a post assessment, helps to track and record studentsäó» learning progress throughout their learning.

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