Happy Year of the Dragon🐲! 龙年大吉!龍行大運! 

We hope this message finds you in great spirits.

As we embrace the anticipation of the dragon's presence, we are thrilled to invite the young artists in our community to participate in our “Dragon Painting Contest” .

Do you believe in dragons (龙/龍 lóng)? Whether you fancy the loyal Mushu (木须龙)from Mulan, who accompanies and protects Mulan with his charm, or if you resonate more with the Toothless (没牙仔) dragon, who, alongside the Viking teenager Hiccup, saves the entire Berk Island – we want to hear your dragon stories!

In Chinese culture, the dragon is a symbol of the emperor. Unlike the fire-breathing Western dragons, Eastern dragons are regarded as water emperors. Ancient Chinese people believed that the Dragon Kings could bring precipitation, leading to bountiful harvests and good fortune. 

Which type of dragon do you prefer – Eastern or Western? 你喜欢东方龙还是西方龙?What does your ideal dragon look like?

Unleash your creativity and showcase your imagination by drawing the dragon of your dreams. Feel free to color our dragon illustration template (Click To Download), or let your artistic genius flow into creating your own masterpiece.  


Contest Details

Theme: Year of the Dragon

Submission Deadline: February 15th

How to Participate: Submit your artwork to usa@betterchinese.com by the deadline.


1.  $100 BetterChinese store credit for the most popular piece of work

2.  $50 BetterChinese store credit for the 2nd and 3rd places

3.  A one - month free online trial for every submission

4.  Free 2 - month group license (up to 25 seats) for school(s) with the top three submissions.


We look forward to seeing the amazing dragons that the young talents in our community will bring to life. Prizes await the most imaginative and skillful artists! 

Thank you for being a part of this exciting event. Let's celebrate the Year of the Dragon together through art!


Better Chinese Team