Da jia hao! K12Mandarin.org aims to bring together and establish a social and professional network of educators dedicated to teaching the Chinese language and culture.  By developing a forum comprised of different perspectives and experiences of many teachers, we aspire to improve the quality of Chinese teaching and learning.. We strive to create a respectful atmosphere that encourages active discussion and sharing of meaningful ideas on any issue related to teaching Chinese in an exciting and effective manner.  Topics that we hope to discuss include lesson planning, teaching, games/activities, projects, and assessments.  Of course, these topics are but a mere sampling, and the content and possibilities of this online community depend greatly on you.  Whether you devised an engaging lesson plan that helped your students learn a difficult section, found an inspiring story that captivated your students’ attention, invented a game that got students excited, or heard an interesting tidbit about Chinese learning, we would all love to read about it! Our objective is to transform this site into the primary source of information for instructors of Chinese.  Use this site as a way of meeting and learning from other teachers.  This site can also be used as a resource for keeping up-to-date on learning tools as well as foreign language conferences and seminars. Your participation and input are vital for the success of this online community for educators, and we welcome your comments and suggestions. Join us in our quest to bring the Chinese language and culture to students of all backgrounds and levels!  We hope to hear from you soon!

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