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Tips on How to Teach Chinese

Looking for materials to teach high school students Chinese? Explore our two series for the high school market. 

The Discovering Chinese series is designed for beginner and intermediate level students (SAT2). Discover Chinese on the iPad too.

The Magical Tour of China series is geared for intermediate to advanced students (AP). 

High School
Discovering Chinese

Discovering Chinese series is for the beginning young adult with no prior exposure to Chinese.  

Discovering Chinese Pro

Discovering Chinese Pro series is for high school students with no prior exposure to Chinese.

Magical Tour of China

Magical Tour of China series is for the intermediate young adult learner with SAT2 level proficiency. The goal is for them to continue building an enduring understanding of the language and culture as well as to achieve AP level proficiency.

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Arrange a meeting with our team to discuss the needs of your program to teach students Chinese.