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Product Information


Where can I find more information about Better Chinese products?

You can download the Better Chinese product catalog to view Better Chinese’s complete curricular offerings. Our products are broken into 5 main series that teach students Chinese from the preschool through college level. For an overview of each of our series, go to: 

Preschool through 1st grade (Introductory Level): My First Chinese Words 
2nd grade through 5th grade (Introductory to Intermediate Level): My First Chinese Reader
Middle/High School curriculum (Introductory to Intermediate Level): Discovering Chinese
High School curriculum (Intermediate to Advanced Level): Magical Tour of China
College Curriculum (Introductory to intermediate Level): Modern Chinese

For the program series, My First Chinese Reader, Discovering Chinese, and Magical Tour of China, and Modern Chinese, they are each divided into 4 volumes/books. As student’s progress through each book, the language level progresses in difficulty. Each volume is also accompanied by a workbook, Teacher' Guide, Worksheets and Writing Exercise Sheets, Assessment Pack, audio-CD, animated lesson CD-ROMs, and online modules. Download a sampler pack to see examples of each of these products for 3 lessons.

My First Chinese Words Sampler Pack

My First Chinese Reader Sampler Pack

Discovering Chinese Sampler Pack

Magical Tour of China Sampler Pack

Modern Chinese Sampler Pack

If you are with a school and would like to preview our online materials, please sign-up for a free trial of our online learning system, story library and lesson planner here.

We also offer a variety of supplementary materials on Chinese idioms, cultural stories, fables, DVDs and more. For explore our products further, click here.

We have a special examination deal for schools who are interested in reviewing our products in any of the series. If you are interested in taking advantage of this offer, please Contact Us!

Why Better Chinese?

Better Chinese has been working with schools teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language since 1997 and understands the importance of engaging students with context-rich materials, facilitating teachers’ lesson planning process, and getting parents’ involvement to extend learning beyond the classroom. 

Since 2008, nine U.S. states have conducted formal reviews for Chinese language materials that must align and correlate to their state standards. We are happy to announce that Better Chinese's curricular materials have been adopted and approved by all nine states: Georgia, Idaho, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and West Virginia. 

State-Adopted status is an additional recognition and a testament of the quality and appropriateness of our materials for students learning Chinese as a foreign language. Currently, we have over 1400 schools (link to customer list) around the world using our materials. From large state-wide adoption such as Utah to world renowned independent school, Punahou School (President Obama's and Dr. Sun Yet-Sen's alma mater) in Hawaii, to progressive school districts such as South Washington County Schools and San Francisco Unified School District, we strive to better serve students, educators, and teachers.

How long does it take to complete a certain series?

The My First Chinese Words series usually takes approximately five 45-minute classes or two 90-minute classes for 1 lesson. For younger learners, we recommend supplementing with additional cultural modules and games for each lesson (you can find suggestions in our teacher's guide) which can take roughly 1 year to complete 12 to 18 storybooks.  

The My First Chinese Reader usually takes five 45-minute classes or two 90-minute classes for 1 lesson. However, for the younger learners, you would design additional cultural and language modules and games related to the lesson (you can find suggestions in our teacher's guide), which can take approximately 1 year to complete 1 volume. 

The Discovering Chinese series usually takes five 45-minute classes or two 90- minute classes for each individual lesson. Middle school students usually take about 1 year to complete 1 volume while high school students typically spend about 1 semester per volume. 

The Magical Tour of China series typically requires five 60-minute classes for each individual lesson. Middle school students usually take about 1 year to complete 1 volume while high school students typically spend about 1 semester per volume. 

The Modern Chinese series takes approximately four 60-minutes classes for each individual lesson. It is designed to be a 2 year program, where each volume will take about 1 year (Each volume has 2 parts A and B) to complete. Some school take a year to complete each part.

What Intermediate Level Materials do you offer?

Our intermediate materials include My First Chinese Reader and Discovering Chinese series Volumes 3 and 4 as well as some of our supplementary books and CD-ROMs. Each series is targeted at different age
groups, so depending on the age-level of your students, you might want to preview excerpts of the books, workbooks, assessments and worksheets below:

My First Chinese Reader Volume 3 Sampler Pack
Discovering Chinese Volume 3 Sampler Pack
Magical Tour of China Sampler Pack

As for our intermediate level supplemental materials,
below is a list of books and CD-ROMs that are popular among teachers and school

You can view our complete list of supplementary materials here.

Do you offer teacher training?

We do provide professional development training for three categories: Best Practices, Leveraging Technology and Immersion Training.

Please visit Professional Development for detailed information.

What is the Online Learning System?

Better Chinese’s Online Learning System brings technology to our printed curricular materials by allowing teachers to provide students with animated versions of the textbook materials and also assign additional practices such as the “Writing Pad” and “Voice Recorder” to build listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills. Teachers can also assign homework that assesses students’ skills in listening, reading, logic, grammar, and syntax, which are auto-graded. Our online system includes more than 1400 supplemental stories categorized by language level to allow students to gain more practice in reading and listening. 

What is the difference between Online Lessons and the CD-ROM?

Online lessons and CD-ROMs both have animated lesson stories. But for the online lessons, it has interactive exercises and three more level-appropriate supplemental materials such as Magical Chinese, Fun Story and Songs & Rhymes.

What is the Online Lesson Planner?

Better Chinese’s Online Lesson Planner is a tool that helps teachers plan, share, and record lessons in a matter of minutes. The Online Lesson Planner allows teachers to easily create customized class calendars and lesson plans with content from the Teacher’s Guide and other Better Chinese teaching resources such as printable worksheets, writing sheets, assessments, online stories and homework. It is also integrated with our Classroom Management and Online Learning systems. The Online Lesson Planner is priced at a subscription rate - $360 per academic year.
If you have any questions or want to learn more about the Online Lesson Planner tool, you can sign up for a free online seminar and trial account here

Can I get a free online trial?

Yes! Explore and review our extensive online learning system, story library and lesson planner through our free 7-day trial account. Sign-up here to take advantage of this free trial offer. To learn more about each of these products, schedule a demonstration of each of our online products.

What is the Online Story Library?

The Better Chinese online story library contains over 1400 stories categorized for beginner, intermediate and advanced Chinese readers. Access to our story collection is based on your language level interest and priced as an annual subscription:

  1. Online story libraries for schools - (available at the beginner, intermediate, or advanced levels): 1 year subscription for a particular level is available for $89.95 per user.
  2. Individual Online Story Collection: these are 1-year subscriptions and to see individual prices.

You can sign up for a free trial here.

What are the different Online Learning Accounts and Pricing?

We offer two types of Online Learning Accounts. One is the “group account” which is for schools that want to purchase a specific number of online accounts for students to use in the classroom. This is priced at $30/student for one academic year plus a $350 one-time set-up fee. For a class of 20 students or more, the $350 setup fee is waived. Typically, if you have less than 20 students, we suggest that you still purchase 20 accounts because it is more cost effective than paying the $350 fee.  The group accounts include all volumes (1-4) of a specific series.

The other type of Online Learning is targeted at retail customers who only want access to one volume (instead of all 4 provided in group accounts) of the particular series. This is priced at $20.95 for 6 months.

Each account (both group and retail) can only be accessed by one user at one time. In other words, you won’t be able to have simultaneous access of the same account from multiple computers.


Set-up Fee*

Online Learning System (per user)

Story Library

(per user)

Lesson Planner

(per user)

School Account







$20.95 /6 months


*Set-up fee is waived for classes with a minimum of 20 students.

Group License Setup Fee

For every 20 students, we can set up 1 classroom/teacher’s account for free. If you would like to have additional classrooms/teacher’s accounts, there will be a $50 setup fee for each extra classroom. You can sign up for a free online trial here! If you want more information about our online learning accounts, please contact us!

My First Chinese Word and I Love Chinese English Translation

Below is the English translation for the My First Chinese World 36 storybooks set and also the I Love Chinese 12 storybooks set:

My First Chinese Word (Letter Format)
My First Chinese Word (A4 Format)
I Love Chinese (letter Format)
I Love Chinese (A4 Format)

You can also requested a physical version (stickers) of the English version where you can place on each storybooks. Please send your request along with your shipping address to us here.

Where can I find the Modern Chinese Teacher's Guide?

To access your Modern Chinese Teacher’s Guide, go to College.BetterChinese.com. Create a new account or log-in with your current online learning system login credentials. Go to the tab labeled “E-Books” and look for your digital copy of the Modern Chinese Teacher’s Guide.

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