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Tips on How to Teach Chinese
Modern Chinese

The Modern Chinese series is designed for college students and adult learners. This unique program adopts a story-based approach that follows the lives of six college students and the daily events they encounter. The scenarios are designed to provide students with the vocabulary and context to engage in real life conversations.
The multi-cultural background of the characters reflects today's globalized world. The Modern Chinese program includes textbooks, workbooks (online or print), and teacher's guide. In addition, the program presents grammar instructions in an accessible and real-time format, focusing on the usage versus grammatical syntax. 

Key features of Modern Chinese include: 

  • Theme-Based and Story-Centered Lessons
    Engage students with illustrated stories about college students and their experiences on campus

  • Revolutionary Grammar Instructions
    Focus on the "How-to" instead of the language syntax, eliminating unnecessary confusion 

  • Systematic and High Scaffolding Approach
    Builds retention at a 75% scaffold rate

  • Rich and Relevant cultural Extensions
    Provide context to achieve authentic communication exchange with native speakers

  • Online workbooks and Resources
    Make learning interactive and provide students with immediate feedback about their work

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